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How To Use Zend Tool

Before I continue this series I thought I would discuss Zend Tool. This came about when Matthew Setter who has an excellent blog on Zend Framework at Master Zend Framework tweeted me after I wrote 'Hello World Part 1' and asked if I ever use the Zend Tool. Though I don't use it as I have my own coding style which I like to have in all my applications, I can see how it can be useful as with the 'Hello World' series I could of done this in one part with a few lines of code. So with that in this article I will show you how to install the Zend Tool and create your first app with it. This tutorial should be good for Linux and Mac.  Read More ...

Turn Wordpress Revisions Off

With Wordpress 3.9 we got post revisions, which looks like can be a good thing if you have many contributors writing the same articles but with just me and me alone I noticed that as I wrote and edited my articles which can take up to a week deepening on the subject, my post revisions were adding up to 30+. Now this is not a good thing as if I had 100 article with 30 revisions then 3000 entries in the database instead of 100.  Read More ...

Building A Zend Framework 2 Application – Hello World Part 3

This is the final part of our 'Hello World' series. In 'Hello WorldPart 2' we created the Controller, Module classes and set up the module configuration with the 'ServiceManager' and the autoloading. Now it's time to add the views so we can see some results for this. Remember we set up the 'ViewManager' in the module configuration, in our 'template_map' we made reference to four view scripts now we will create those view files.  Read More ...

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