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Installing PHP 7 on Ubuntu 16.04

In my last post Compiling PHP 7 on CentOS I showed how to compile PHP 7 on CentOS. In this post I will use the basis of that post and transfer the instructions for Ubuntu Linux. This will be a truncated example so if you want the details please refer to that post. This post was also inspired by Lorna Mitchell in her post which she shows how to add ppa repository for multiple php versions, though this a good and quick way, compiling your own PHP you can compile different versions and run these at the same without having to switch and also it is good the learn to compile software ourselves as this gives us control how it is compiled and installed, it is relatively quick as this once learned can be done in 10 minutes and if you write a bash script can be automated too.  Read More ...

Installing and configuring Mcrypt and JSON for PHP 5.5 in Ubuntu

Ok now I have updated my system to Ubuntu 14.04 from 12.04 there has been a few changes, also if installing from scratch then a couple gotchas will hit you namely to do with PHP 5.5. In their wisdom the json extension has been removed from the PHP 5.5 so to fix this we will have to install it. So as we are talking about Mcrypt as well lets do this all at once.  Read More ...

Fix Locale Setting In Ubuntu Server 12.04

There seems to be a bug in Ubuntu 12.04 with setting locales for users, the root locales are set but this doesn't seem to filter down to individual user accounts. This might not be a problem for you until you ssh into your server. And by the way this seems to be affecting Debian variants, I haven't checked Debian but my Raspberry Pi which are running Raspbian, a variant of Debian, are affected too. This bug does not affect the desktop version of this OS, only if installed on server (minimal install).  Read More ...

Upgrading Ubuntu Server from 12.04 to 14.04

My favorite OS apart for OSX is Ubuntu and I thought I would like to have the lastest PHP for my test server, so it's upgrade time. First make a backup, just in case though I've never had a problem ever but you never know. OK so now you have backed up your server it's time to do the upgrade.  Read More ...

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