I have been using Zend Framework now for a good few years now and am really impressed with the power it gives me as a developer.

That said I thought it was time to share my knowledge on this PHP framework as it has matured so much now in Zend Framework 2 (zf2), and in my opinion surpasses any other framework for flexibility.

But with power and flexibility can come complexity, and many do struggle getting started with zf2, this tutorial is to address that. My aim is to write a series of tutorials that will guide you in creating a zf2 application for the real world. The topics we will cover will be:

  • Setting up composer and downloading zf2 library.
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Introduction to routing and controllers
  • Introduction to Modules
  • Hooking up the database
  • Creating a user module
  • Introduction to zend\authentication and zend\permissions
  • Creating a blog module

This is just a sample, as my desire is to share all my zf2 knowledge with you in a simple, easy to understand way so you will a master of zf2 and not its slave.

Through this whole tutorial I will make a few assumptions:

  • you a familiar with PHP, I will be using 5.4 and above, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • you can can working on the command line in a terminal.
  • you are familiar with the Linux directory structure.
  • you are happy installing needed software.

Hope this will not put you off as I will explain on the way.

So eager young minds stay tuned for your first lesson.


Happy coding