Ok after a few weeks of my site being down I have decided to get it back up.

I will try to post all my content I had and add to this on a regular basis, subjects will include Zend Framework 2 as this is my passion and all things PHP. I will be blogging about all sorts of things a lot about technology and life in general.

The reason my blog at shaunfreeman.co.uk had to come down was the bandwidth was been eaten away and my site was being shutdown, so lessons learned is that I have put my blog on a server with unlimited bandwidth (ha, no such thing!) well OK I will agree so I will have to monitor it to see if I get penalized in any way for fair usage.

So my blog is back hosted with 1and1.co.uk and I have to admit there have been a lot of changes to their API and I am impressed, and all my clients site on wesh.co.uk which is good because their support is second to none. Separating like this helps to keep things simpler for me.


So hope to see you soon and stay tuned.